NeuroStream® Visual Reps®

We have neuroscience engineered a whole new way to learn body movement skill.

If you believe in the power of the visual system to accelerate learning, e.g. watching and doing mental imagery, you like the holistic approach of adding Visual Reps to Physical Reps, and you are determined to get better through hard work, then you have found the right place!

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NeuroStream Training Adds Visual Reps to Physical Reps

Elite Athlete Training is Now Accessible for Peak Physical and Cognitive Performance!

NeuroStream Visual Reps are a combination of Engineered Watching and Advanced Mental Imagery that combine for a powerful training effect. You’ll experience physical-like training from watching alone. And the watching guides and controls the mental imagery training we call Virtual Echo™ and Soma Sense™. NeuroStream Training also Integrates and Amplifies your Physical Reps, preparing and priming you for physical practice and performance. With the addition of Visual Reps you now have a more complete, holistic approach, and you can train anywhere, anytime, any condition.

NeuroStream Training is the application of our technology to provide a totally new and effective way to improve your sports performance. Visual Reps are the core, but NeuroStream Training is broader and includes an onboarding process with biomechanics instruction, integration with Physical Reps, progress tracking, badging, tips, recommendations, notifications, and more.

Traditional athletic instructional videos teach you how perform a technique, i.e. they help build your cognitive model. But they are not designed to give you a training effect. In stark contrast, NeuroStream Training does both. We provide you with the best way to build your cognitive model and therefore easily surpass on this benefit alone the intent of any instructional video, and more importantly by design through Visual Reps we provide an actual training effect.

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Use the VISYN app to accelerate learning body movement skill that will increase your sports performance. The app delivers NeuroStream Training first of their kind neuroscience-driven courses, featuring Visual Reps to add to your existing Physical Reps. Our first course is for the Hockey Snap Shot.

For a limited time, get the new Hockey Snap Shot course for 67%-78% off to receive unlimited training for the Hockey Snap Shot.


$ 1
Per Month
  • 1 Sport - Hockey
  • Hockey Snap Shot Course
  • Regular price $5.99 per month
Save 67%


$ 11
Per Year
  • 1 Sport - Hockey
  • Hockey Snap Shot Course
  • Regular price $53.91 per year
Save 78%

Founding Members will also have the ability to lock into deeply discounted rates for ALL future hockey courses, and new sports courses where golf is next.

There will be at least 10 new hockey courses to cover all the body movement skills needed for peak performance, including techniques for additional shots, stick handling, and forward and backward skating. Our next courses will be for the Hockey Slap Shot (including a one timer), the Advanced Hockey Snap Shot, and the Hockey Wrist Shot. Release date for these courses is 3rd quarter 2022.

It’s easy. Become a Founding Member with 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the VISYN app.
  2. Register for an account. 
  3. Subscribe today starting with a 7-day Free Trial and you’ll be a Founding Member of our hockey community where you’ll receive our limited time offer of deeply discounted rates for a lifetime!

As long as you maintain your Hockey Snap Shot subscription, you’ll lock in lifetime access to the same 67-78% savings on new courses as a Founding Member in VISYN’s Hockey Community. Don’t miss out. This is a one-time opportunity available to subscribers through March 2022.

NeuroStream Training

Practice Primers Unlimited Practices

Hockey Snap Shot - Technique NeuroStream

This shot provides the broad-based game applicability of a wrist shot adding velocity & quick release. It's the most important shot in the modern game.

Hockey Wrist Shot - Technique NeuroStream

Master the wrist shot to gain your first potent offensive weapon and build a great foundation for your snap shot and slap shot techniques.

Hockey Slap Shot - Technique NeuroStream

When you absolutely positively need to blow it past the goalie from distance, a hard, accurate slap shot is a goal scorer's first choice.

Hockey Advanced Snap Shot - Technique NeuroStream

Add quickness and deception to your snap shot to push it to another level. Adjust your technique to make this shot more lethal.

Hockey Backhand Shot - Technique NeuroStream

As you progress in hockey, savvy defenders start forcing you to the backhand. Make them pay by creating dangerous skill on that side!

Compare NeuroStreams

Featured NeuroStream Benefits Practice Primers Unlimited Practices
Special purpose design for use just before physical practice
Quick visual of technique
Creates motivation to do physical practice
Primes the brain to make physical practice more effective
Proprietary neuroscience to establish and strengthen neural pathways
Builds the correct cognitive model of technique
Constructed using form of multiple professional athletes
Combination of live performer and animation to enhance learning
Short bursts of learning with Visual Reps
Dashboard to track Visual Reps and Physical Reps
Sequenced learning through a skills and subskills hierarchy
Deeply ingrains technique with intensive repetitions
Practice anywhere, anytime, any condition
Biomechanics explanations
Meditative segment to optimize mental state for learning
Review Mode that includes scrollable images for another way to learn

Next generation training in the palm of your hand.

VISYN’s first offering are patented Technique NeuroStreams available on the iPhone and Android. Focus is on the sport of hockey, with more sports coming soon. Our Physical Practice Priming Technique NeuroStreams (Practice Primers) allow you to prime your brain before a physical practice session to get better faster at your hockey technique. Our Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams (Unlimited Practices) allow you to practice anywhere, anytime, any condition and further accelerate your ability to get better faster.

Each Unlimited Practice provides an introduction, instructions, an onboarding process, and our core offering of Visual Reps. You’ll be guided through an easy to use hierarchy of NeuroStream elements. Other key features include Review Mode and Account Dashboard.

Review Mode helps you maintain what you have learned by succinctly reviewing the key points for each NeuroStream. Of course you can always go back to the NeuroStream details to develop a deeper understanding of the technique. Enjoy a fun and easy to use format.

Account Dashboard helps to integrate your Visual Reps with Physical Reps, tracks your progress, and provides badges and tips.

Support for a web app is on the horizon. Our patented holographic system, currently in R&D, will expand VISYN’s NeuroStream methods and break barriers in advanced sports training.


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Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream

Watch. Imagine. Learn. Win.

Training Programs Not Available Anywhere Else

VISYN lets you access the power of the latest discoveries in neuroscience anywhere, anytime, any condition, giving you the confidence and skill set to stay one step, shot, swing, and throw ahead of the competition. We’ll shape your mental and physical game through our Technique NeuroStreams, streaming training segments built to discipline your unconscious, intuitive motor skills. You can add Visual Reps to Physical Reps for The Fastest Way to Increase Performance™.

Grab short bursts of learning, no matter where you are. Get 1OO Visual Reps in minutes!

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The Problems Solved

No More Physical Practice Limitations When You Practice In Your Head with Visual Reps

We Offer Multi-Modal Training Which is Better
We Provide More Training Opportunities
We Make Physical Practice More Effective

You can now practice Anywhere, Anytime, Any Condition!

VISYN offers a whole new way to train through a proprietary approach called NeuroStream Training featuring Visual Reps. Everyone wants to improve their performance, but everyone is limited by time, and other resources and factors. VISYN provides the fastest way to increase your sports performance.


Physical Practice Diminishing Returns


Plateaued Performance


Sick or Injured, or Concerned About Injury, But Want to Keep Training


Lack of Available Coaches and Facilities


No Time for Inefficient Training


Private Lessons Too Expensive


Close to Bedtime


Confusing Teaching Methods and Complex Skills


Physical Practice is Ineffective Because Using Wrong Form


Unsure How to Make Physical Practice More Effective

Visual Reps are a Must Have for Your Training Toolbox.

Add Visual Reps to Physical Reps for The Fastest Way to Increase Performance™.

“My first thoughts when I saw the VISYN App were holy cow, it’s unbelievable, it’s universal, everybody can use it.”

“To be able to take Visual Reps and apply to feel or actual swing of the golf club, hands down the value of that is unbelievable.”

-Charlie Levis

PGA Teaching Professional (golf pro), Rush Creek Golf Academy, MN

“This app makes it easier to do the physical because I am envisioning doing those movements, it coincides mind and body.”

-Lindsey G. 

Youth Hockey Player

Start training now with Practice Primer and Unlimited Practice NeuroStreams. 
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