Frequently Asked Questions

Our training is delivered through NeuroStreams, first of their kind neuroscience-driven experiences that feature Visual Reps® (Visual Repetitions) to add to Physical Practice (Physical Reps). Each NeuroStream covers a specific body movement skill for your sport and is a proprietary blend of software and visual and auditory content. Over 50 neuroscience factors from our research are incorporated into each NeuroStream.

NeuroStream Training benefits include: 1-it’s easy to use, including the ability to train anywhere, anytime, any condition, 2-it delivers highly effective training to increase your sports performance – you’ll get better faster at your sport technique compared to physical practice alone, and 3-it’s unique and can only be found through VISYN.

Our NeuroStreams are currently available in the App Store for iPhones. We plan to offer Android and web browser versions in the near future.

Our Physical Practice Priming Technique NeuroStreams are free! You just need to register here to download these free NeuroStreams. Our Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams are available on a subscription basis. We offer a 7-day free trial so you can fully experience the value of these NeuroStreams. Pricing is available here. Additional pricing tiers will become available as we develop more NeuroStreams and cover additional sports.

Visual Reps are a new and effective way to learn sports technique for increased performance and are the core of NeuroStream Training. Reps is short for repetitions. Training with Visual Reps is similar to training via Physical Reps. Visual Reps use the untapped power of your visual system. There are two components to our Visual Reps: 1-engineered watching, and 2-advanced mental imagery. We have applied dozens of what we call neuroscience factors to our training videos so that you get a training effect from watching alone, hence we call it engineered watching. Advanced mental imagery includes visual mental imagery we call Virtual Echo, and kinesthetic mental imagery we call Soma Sense. The watching component guides and controls the mental imagery and together they are very powerful.

With Visual Reps you can train anywhere, anytime, any condition.

Yes, Visual Reps work. We all watch others to learn, so intuitively we know watching to learn is powerful. It’s also well established that mental imagery works. You probably know that most elite athletes use mental imagery to increase their performance. We’re bringing their secrets to you. Visual Reps take both watching and mental imagery to new levels, and in combination they provide a synergistically powerful training effect. Additionally, VISYN performance testing with assistance from the University of Minnesota supports what we already know, that Visual Reps work. And, NeuroStream Training provides additional training benefits beyond the core of Visual Reps.

NeuroStream Technology is the result of many years conducting neuroscience research with help from neuroscientists at the University of Minnesota and elsewhere. This research has been incorporated into software we call application controls and visual and auditory content, both of which are embodied in our NeuroStreams.

Through our NeuroStream Technology you can add Visual Reps to your existing Physical Reps for a whole new way to train and the fastest way to increase your sports performance.

NeuroStream Training is the application of our technology to provide a totally new and effective way to improve your sports performance. Visual Reps are the core, but NeuroStream Training is broader and includes an onboarding process with biomechanics instruction, integration with Physical Reps, progress tracking, badging, tips, recommendations, notifications, and more.

Traditional athletic instructional videos teach you how perform a technique, i.e. they help build your cognitive model. But they are not designed to give you a training effect. In stark contrast, NeuroStream Training does both. We provide you with the best way to build your cognitive model and therefore surpass the intent of any instructional video, and more importantly by design through Visual Reps we provide an actual training effect.

People of all ages, who believe in the power of the visual system, want a holistic approach, and have an elite mindset do NeuroStream Training. VISYN is first focused on hockey, so hockey players currently use our training. However, we plan to cover many additional sports, including what might be considered more recreational sports. In general, people who want to work at getting better in any kind of body movement will use NeuroStream Training.

The visual system trumps all human senses. More than 50% of the brain cortex is devoted to processing visual information. In another estimate, up to 80% of learning is visual. We think the visual system has been underutilized for sports training so we decided to change that situation! Through our NeuroStream Technology we took the natural abilities to learn by watching and to learn by mental imagery and brought them to the forefront via Visual Reps. We like to say we have neuroscience engineered a whole new way to learn body movement.

Our NeuroStream Training features Visual Reps. By adding Visual Reps to your existing physical practice, which you could call Physical Reps, you now have a more complete, multi-modal way to train. We think all athletes will want to have our Visual Reps in their training toolbox.

A person with an elite mindset is determined to get better at their sport. They believe hard work is worth it. Although you don’t have to be an elite athlete to have an elite mindset, with such a mindset you will be a more successful athlete.

VISYN’s NeuroStream Training removes physical practice limitations. Now you can train anywhere, anytime, and under any condition. Everyone wants to improve their performance, but everyone is limited by time, resources, and other factors. VISYN’s NeuroStream Training featuring Visual Reps offers a new and proprietary way for athletes to increase training opportunities and make physical practice more effective. Learn about the 10 problems solved that help you to get better faster at your sports technique.

Use our NeuroStreams anywhere, anytime, any condition. Grab short bursts of learning before bedtime, when waiting in a line, or while on a bus or riding in a car. The possibilities are near endless. Train under virtually any condition, you can even train if you are sick or injured.

We are all used to looking in a mirror and effortlessly mapping the appearance of left-handed actions onto our right-handed body (or vice-versa for lefties). As such our brain has a lot of experience with leveraging the symmetries of our body to make sense of movement information from images of human forms regardless if they are performing the motion in an opposite-handed way from the way we do it. And neuroscience backs this up. You can learn from righties or lefties regardless of what handedness you favor.

VISYN is currently focused on hockey. Our first Physical Practice Priming Technique NeuroStreams are for the hockey snap shot, wrist shot, slap shot, advanced snap shot, and the backhand shot. Our first Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream is for the hockey snap shot. Next we’ll cover other techniques within hockey such as stick handling and skating, as well as techniques for golf. Learn more on our Product page.

Yes, after hockey we plan to cover golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, skiing, and more. We’ll also cover what might be termed recreational sports such as yoga, weightlifting, and dance.

Yes, we have numerous products in R&D, as we love to innovate. Furthest along is our patented holographic system. We’ll continue to develop this system in parallel with improvements made by hardware manufacturers. Our holographic system with utilize the NeuroStream Visual Reps method of training and will provide technologically advanced movement feedback in a manner never seen before.

Yes, VISYN has a patent portfolio with more patents pending. We have patents for both our smartphone platform and our holographic system that’s currently in R&D.

We are focused on hockey first, so our testimonials are primarily from hockey players. We have an endorsement from a former NHL player (MN Wild and St. Louis Blues), as well as numerous other testimonials from hockey coaches, parents, and players, youth all the way up to senior beer league guys and gals. We also have a testimonial from a golf pro, as golf is coming soon.

VISYN would love to hear from you. We are here to accelerate your training, and so will continually innovate and advance our business in ways to meet your needs. Contact us today.

You can contact us by using the form provided on the Contact Us page. We’ll make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner.

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