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Snap Shot

This shot provides the broad-based game applicability of a wrist shot adding velocity & quick release. It's the most important shot in the modern game.
Visual Reps:
  • Prepare Your Body and Mind - Welcome
  • Major Skills Breakdown
  • Big Muscle Power
  • Flex Phase
  • Launch
  • Subskills Review
  • Integration
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Wrist Shot

Master the wrist shot to gain your first potent offensive weapon and build a great foundation for your snap shot and slap shot techniques.



Slap Shot

When you absolutely positively need to blow it past the goalie from distance, a hard, accurate slap shot is a goal scorer's first choice.



Advanced Snap Shot

Add quickness and deception to your snap shot to push it to another level. Adjust your technique to make this shot more lethal.


The Problem: Physical Practice Limitations

You can now practice Anywhere, Anytime, Any Condition because your Physical Practice Limitations have been removed. There will be times you can’t physically practice, you don’t have the desire to add more even as a driven athlete, or if you did practice it would not be beneficial. And there will be missed opportunities to make physical practice more effective. Some examples:
  • Physical Practice Diminishing Returns (physically fatigued, bored, or adaptation benefit realized)?
  • No Time to Line Up a Coach and Go Get a Lesson?
  • Lack of Available Coaches and Facilities?
  • Private Lessons Too Expensive?
  • Sick or Injured But Want to Keep Training?
  • Concerned About Injury, Such As from a Concussion, Overuse, etc.?
  • Physical Practice is Ineffective Because Using Wrong Form?
  • And more!

The Solution: Tap The Power of The Visual System with NeuroStream Training

For The Driven Athlete

VISYN® removes Physical Practice Limitations by tapping the power of your visual system through NeuroStream Training. As a driven athlete, you get more opportunities to train via the visual system and we make your physical practice more effective. Our performance testing proves NeuroStream Training works. 

Training is delivered through NeuroStreams, first of their kind neuroscience-driven experiences that feature Visual Reps (Visual Repetitions) to add to Physical Practice (Physical Reps). Each NeuroStream covers a specific body movement skill for your sport and is a proprietary blend of software and visual and auditory content. Over 50 neuroscience factors from our research are incorporated into each NeuroStream.

NeuroStream Visual Reps provide a repetition training effect like physical practice. And there are no Physical Practice Limitations so now you can get better faster at your sports technique … Anywhere, Anytime, Any Condition. We help you break through all barriers.

So what exactly is VISUAL REPS? VISUAL REPS is a combination of Engineered Watching + Advanced Mental Imagery. It’s the core feature of NeuroStream Training. VISUAL REPS is practice in your head. It’s mental practice. And it’s the VISUAL CORTEX in your brain that makes it possible. Hence VISUAL REPS. More on the neuroscience behind our technology can be found on our Technology page.

Engineered Watching provides a physical-like Training Effect and guides and controls Visual and Kinesthetic Mental Imagery for additional Training Effect. We have a patented process. 

A large part of the human brain is devoted to visual processing. According to David Williams, Director, University of Rochester, Center for Visual Science, “More than 50 percent of the cortex, the surface of the brain, is devoted to processing visual information”. Read more…

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If you believe in the power of the visual system to accelerate learning, e.g. watching and doing mental imagery, you like the holistic approach of adding Visual Reps to Physical Reps, and you are determined to get better through hard work, then you have found the right place!

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