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Neuroscience Research and Engineering Found Nowhere Else

Our NeuroStream Technology, consisting of proprietary software and content, comes from years of neuroscience research and engineering and is found nowhere else. We have neuroscience engineered a whole new way to learn body movement skill. Our technology is rich, multi-modal, and uniquely effective. 

But complexity is “under the hood”, meaning your experience will be exciting, intuitive, and easy. VISYN maintains a patent portfolio, with numerous patents pending.

NeuroStream R&D Lab

We have developed and cataloged over 50 neuroscience factors for use in our NeuroStream Training. From concepts of mirror neurons and the motor cortex, to social and sports psychology, to attention neuroscience, to music and sounds, to visual and kinesthetic mental imagery, to memory consolidation, to biomechanical analysis, to hierarchical progression, and much more, we have it covered.

Performance Testing

We test our NeuroStreams using multiple techniques including measurement of outcomes, motion capture before and after training, and EEG during observational learning and mental imagery.

Testing of our Hockey Snap Shot Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream showed improved outcomes of accuracy, velocity, and release time, as well as observable form. We tested two groups with a crossover design: 1-VISYN NeuroStream + physical practice and 2-physical practice only. Researchers at the University of Minnesota conducted a statistical analysis on the data collected. With only a 4 week training intervention and a small sample size the VISYN NeuroStream group showed a statistically significant and superior 233% improvement in accuracy over physical practice only! Additionally, we found trends of 300% improved velocity and 139% improved release time for the VISYN NeuroStream group over the physical practice group and again with only 4 weeks of training. 

In addition to outcome measurements, the form of subjects participating in testing clearly showed convergence to the technique model in the VISYN NeuroStream.

We all watch others to learn, so intuitively we know watching to learn is powerful. It’s also well established that mental imagery works. Together they are even more powerful and especially as embodied in our unique NeuroStream Visual Reps that truly tap the power of the human visual system. Many coaches and athletes know it works well for learning new motor skills and we see elite athletes using it all the time. There’s ample supporting independent research plus VISYN has conducted its own performance testing research as discussed herein. All of our research including performance testing results for our Hockey Snap Shot NeuroStream provides confirmation for what we already knew to be true!

VISYN Neuroscience

A Four-Part Overview

I. NeuroStream Training Taps Mirror Neurons and The Motor Cortex

You might be wondering how the brain affects performance. Our brain is an amazingly powerful organ. It’s composed of over 80 billion nerve cells that can be spectacularly orchestrated to direct the body. But only recently has the scientific community even begun to understand how. Here are some new insights that explain the brain’s role in physical activity and how our NeuroStream Training contributes to in-game performance.


The visual cortex is amazing at identifying and processing visual stimuli. In addition to processing incoming visual information, the visual cortex also creates visual imagination. The visual cortex helps make mental maps of life experiences. Thus, both what we perceive through vision and what we imagine through mental imagery have amazing cognitive effects.

What this means:
Through both watching and mental imagery, you can coach your central nervous system to produce physical-like training, even if you are not physically moving. Athletes and others that utilize our NeuroStream Training will simply perform better than those who do not.


Mirror neurons fire the same way whether the subject performs an action or views another person performing the same action. This helps explain why babies can learn complex physical movements quickly, like learning to walk, in a very short amount of time.

What this means:
When we observe someone else performing an action, our brain internalizes the experience as if it were its own.


While hyper-trained experts control most of their well refined movements without requiring the attention of the motor cortex, the motor cortex plays a critical role in skill acquisition. When learning new skills, the motor cortex figures them out and controls repetitions that eventually build habits. Eventually the habit becomes strong enough that the motor cortex can get out of the way and the skill can be executed automatically and reflexively by other brain regions. Information from the visual cortex and the mirror neuron system guides the motor cortex in figuring out how to build those high quality movement techniques.

What this means:
If you train your visual cortex with rich, outstanding stimuli, the motor cortex will have the right information to move the body correctly.


Repeated exposure to the same or similar visual stimuli can cause brain habituation, which is a barrier to learning. As familiarity increases, attention span drops and boredom sets in. Our Visual Reps keep attention, counteract boredom, and push sustained learning. The result is a program that shapes a crystal-clear concentration on learning and performing perfect, consistent movements, even for many repetitions of visual stimuli.


You’ll have the perfect biomechanics visuals to advance your visual mental imagery we call Virtual Echo™ and kinesthetic mental imagery we call Soma Sense™. During our unique Virtual Echo segments you’ll be echoing in your brain, this means imagining what you just watched. During our unique Soma Sense segments you’ll be imagining your body sensations as if you were performing the technique, simultaneous with watching. We guide you through both forms of mental imagery to make it easy. Your training will be magnified and you’ll be using techniques used by elite athletes.

Learn More About Mental Imagery:
The Unappreciated Weapon of the Best of the Best

Our proprietary approach takes the beauty of human body movement, applies the most compelling modern neuroscience and state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory technology, and delivers data-driven perfect form and cues to advance the art of skills training. We invite multiple elite performers that represent each technique to contribute full-range demonstrations of proper physical movement. This provides the raw materials for us to conduct a proprietary statistical analysis and build our series of training products. The process provides authority on form. Coaching and trainer subjectivity is largely removed.

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And NeuroStream Training incorporates much more!

World-Renowned Neuroscientists Discuss Observational Learning/Watching and Mental Imagery... The Components of Visual Reps!

Mirror Neurons and Watching to Learn

– Dr. V.S. Ramachandran 

Mental Imagery Works to Accelerate Skill Acquisition

– Dr. Andrew Huberman

Mere Thought Changes Brain Cell Connections Similar to Physical Training

– Dr. Susan Greenfield 


“Really shocked me how quickly my kids integrated into their game, really really shocked me only used a couple weeks, made me a believer in VISYN.”

“Completely exceeded our expectations.”

 -Len L.

Hockey Coach and Dad, Owner AAA Hockey Program

“I feel a lot more confident after using VISYN, especially with my snap shot.”

-Ellie Z. 

Youth Hockey Player

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