“It’s going to revolutionize how we teach as a coach, how kids will learn.”


“As a parent I would 1OO% want my kid to have this.“


-Chris Porter

Former NHL Hockey Player, Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues

Athletes that have used our Technique NeuroStream have provided feedback.
Listen to and read what these athletes are saying about us.

Kris Swarthout

Hockey Coach, Player and Dad, Elite Triathlon Coach, 6X Ironman Finisher, Owner Final K Sporting Services, Author

“It was very simple, tracked along chronologically, and visually appealing.“

Charlie Levis

PGA Teaching Professional (golf pro), Rush Creek Golf Academy

“With VISYN there is no way to use it incorrectly. It’s only going to produce good habits.“

Len L.

Hockey Coach and Dad, Owner AAA Hockey Program

“Tremendously convenient, kids can use their phone, watch at bedtime, don’t have to drive them anywhere.”

Zoe L.

Youth Hockey Player

“I have never experienced anything so helpful.”

Mia L.

Youth Hockey Player

“Before VISYN I didn’t want to shoot, now I feel confident about scoring myself.”

Gabi L.

Youth Hockey Player

“Fast results were motivating.”

Peter Z.

Hockey Dad

“I could see this expanding across every sport that’s out there.”

Ellie Z.

Youth Hockey Player

“It’s really high quality and it really helps you get that image in your head of what you need to do.”

Katie Z.

Youth Hockey Player

“I really saw a difference with my accuracy.”

NeuroStream Training Adds Visual Reps to Physical Reps

A totally new and effective way to improve your sports performance

Colin B.

College Hockey Player

“It WAY exceeded my expectations in video content, with so many different little pieces to it. This is advanced, coaches are just starting to talk about this, and you are doing it here.”

Nerissa M.

Adult Hockey Player

“The body/mind connection is so important… and if mentally-based, it’s just good practice.”

Lindsey G.

Youth Hockey Player

“This looks really cool; the mental imagery will be ingrained in my mind so I can really envision myself in the shot.”

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Lola T. Youth Hockey Player
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“I thought it was very cool. And I liked that it was very visual.”
Evan W. Youth Hockey Player
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“If you visualize it, then when you're doing it, it helps you remember it more.”
Will P. Youth Hockey Player
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“This is the first video ever to show visual reps, preparing the mind AND the body.”
Jim A.Adult Hockey Player
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“This is good for youth playing hockey who want to get to the next level or if you’re older and a competitor and just want to get better.”
Annie B. Youth Hockey Player
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"This is for aspiring athletes who want to take their game to the next level - a pressure free way to train."
Brennan B. Youth Hockey Player
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"It can improve small parts of your game through technique and visualization…that’s the goal to get better in a fun and different way!"
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