Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams

Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams allow you to train anywhere, anytime, any condition to get better faster at your sports technique. These NeuroStreams feature Visual Reps to add to your existing Physical Reps. It’s powerful training in your head using our proprietary neuroscience factors. Establish and strengthen neural pathways and create a cognitive model for perfect form. There is nothing else like this type of training on the market.

Our first Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream is for the Hockey Snap Shot. For a limited time you can become a Founding Member of the VISYN Hockey Community and get the Hockey Snap Shot Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream for 67%-78% off.

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$ 1
Per Month
  • 1 Sport - Hockey
  • Hockey Snap Shot Course
  • Regular price $5.99 per month
Save 67%


$ 11
Per Year
  • 1 Sport - Hockey
  • Hockey Snap Shot Course
  • Regular price $53.91 per year
Save 78%

More are coming soon. There will be at least 15 new hockey Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams to cover all the body movement skills needed for peak performance, including techniques for additional shots, stick handling, and forward and backward skating.

Founding Members will also have the ability to lock into deeply discounted rates for ALL future hockey Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStreams, and the same for new sports. As long as you maintain your Hockey Snap Shot subscription, you’ll lock in lifetime access to the same 67-78% savings on new Technique NeuroStreams as a Founding Member in VISYN’s Hockey Community. Don’t miss out. This is a one-time opportunity available to subscribers through March 2023.

Outline for Hockey Snap Shot Unlimited Practice Technique NeuroStream:

Visual Reps:
   • Prepare Your Body and Mind – Welcome
   • Major Skills Breakdown
   • Big Muscle Power
   • Flex Phase
   • Launch
   • Subskills Review
   • Integration
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For a limited time, get the new Hockey Snap Shot course for 67%-78% off!  Don’t miss out.