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A Whole New Way to Learn Body Movement Skill
Add Visual Reps® to Physical Reps

There’s a lot of edtech internet sites for business and technical skills such as LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, and Pluralsight. In contrast VISYN is edtech for body movement and this focus is new on the internet. We’re the first and will work hard to always deliver the best products through continual research and innovation.

VISYN’s propriety approach aggressively solves many challenges in the field of body movement training. Our products combine extensive neuroscience research and advanced engineering including a beautiful display of human movement via Visual Reps for a whole new way to train and The Fastest Way To Increase Performance.

We’ll encompass a wide breadth of movement activities, including team sports such as hockey, baseball, and soccer, individual sports such as golf, tennis, and skiing, other activities including dance, yoga, physical therapy, weightlifting, and much more. VISYN is actively developing products for the sports market. Medical market products are in R&D.

VISYN is striving to make our training products the most effective, enjoyable, and accessible as possible. We hope that through our efforts, millions of people benefit from physical and cognitive excellence, whether in competitive sport or simply in the quality of their life.

Athletes, coaches, skill instructors, and others are highly interested in our products because no other company has the VISYN approach where we allow you to Experience Performance™ in order to increase performance.

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We Watch to Learn
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Natural. Untapped. Until Now.

If you believe in the power of the visual system to accelerate learning, e.g. watching and doing mental imagery, you like the holistic approach of adding Visual Reps to Physical Reps, and you are determined to get better through hard work, then you have found the right place!

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NeuroStream Visual Reps

We have neuroscience engineered a whole new way to learn body movement skill.

VISYN Watch Now

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NeuroStream Training Adds Visual Reps to Physical Reps

Elite Athlete Training is Now Accessible for Peak Physical and Cognitive Performance!

NeuroStream Visual Reps are a combination of Engineered Watching and Advanced Mental Imagery that combine for a powerful training effect. You’ll experience physical-like training from watching alone. And the watching guides and controls the mental imagery training we call Virtual Echo™ and Soma Sense™. NeuroStream Training also Integrates and Amplifies your Physical Reps, preparing and priming you for physical practice and performance. With the addition of Visual Reps you now have a more complete, holistic approach, and you can train anywhere, anytime, any condition.

Multi-Modal Training

Today, winning and achieving require more than what purely physical training provides. By adding our Visual Reps to Physical Reps you’ll have the ability to accelerate and optimize performance. In fact, athletes and other performers who spend a portion of their time on Visual Reps training will in most cases outperform others who spend 100% on physical training. Multi-modal training is essential for top performance.

VISYN is the only company that provides you with the technology that incorporates and optimizes all 3 ways to train: Visual Reps of Watching, Visual Reps of Mental Imagery, and Physical Reps. And our Visual Reps tap another sensory modality by visually associating sounds to increase the effectiveness of mental imagery. We provide you with a true holistic approach.

VISYN is redefining body movement training. Add Visual Reps to Physical Reps for The Fastest Way to Increase Performance.

The Secret Revealed

The most effective forms of observational and mental imagery training have long been a secret to most aspiring athletes. But elite competitors use these advanced visual training techniques to prepare their mind and body to win. Now they are no longer a secret. VISYN brings the power of visual neuroscience to you. The elite approach has been de-mystified.

Watch. Imagine. Learn. Win.

NeuroStream Training provides:
• Visual Reps that result in physical-like training from watching alone
• Visual Reps that supercharge mental imagery for magnified training
• Visual Reps that integrate with and amplify Physical Reps

And our patented NeuroStreams allow you to train anywhere, anytime, any condition.

VISYN also has a patented Holographic System in R&D.

The Visual Reps Process

Watching + Imagining

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Are you determined to improve your performance?

Visual Reps are a must have for your training toolbox.
Get started and grab short bursts of learning. Get 1OO Visual Reps in minutes!

VISYN NeuroStream

Our NeuroStream Technology, proprietary software and content, comes from years of neuroscience research and engineering and is found nowhere else. We have neuroscience engineered a whole new way to learn body movement skill. Our technology is rich, multi-modal, and uniquely effective. But complexity is “under the hood”, meaning your experience will be exciting, intuitive, and easy. VISYN maintains a patent portfolio, with numerous patents pending.

The Problems Solved

No More Physical Practice Limitations When You Practice In Your Head with Visual Reps

We Offer Multi-Modal Training Which is Better: e.g. You Get A Solution for Physical Practice Diminishing Returns (physically fatigued, bored, or adaptation benefit realized) & Plateaued Performance

We Provide More Training Opportunities: e.g. You Can Keep Training if Sick or Injured, or Concerned About Injury, No Coach or Facility is Available, Have Time Limitations, Training is Too Expensive

We Make Physical Practice More Effective: e.g. You Have a Head Start by Establishing and Strengthening Neural Pathways & Developing a Superior Cognitive Model, You Can Also Prime Your Brain Before Physical Practice

You can now practice Anywhere, Anytime, Any Condition because your Physical Practice Limitations have been removed. There will be times you don’t have the desire to add more physical practice even as a driven athlete, or if you did practice it would not be beneficial. There will be times you can’t physically practice. And there will be missed opportunities to make physical practice more effective.

VISYN offers a whole new way to train through a proprietary approach called NeuroStream Training featuring Visual Reps. Everyone wants to improve their performance, but everyone is limited by time, and other resources and factors. VISYN provides the fastest way to increase your sports performance.

Learn more below about the many problems solved.

Maybe you are too physically fatigued to practice and you know you would just be practicing in poor form if you continued. Possibly you are a bit bored and the resulting lack of focus would hurt your training. Or maybe your adaptation benefit has been realized and it’s time for a change up. Your adaptation benefit has been realized when your brain's single-day capacity for change via physical practice has been reached. Visual Reps do not require physical exertion and provide a new multi-modal way to train, thereby allowing you to keep practicing in all of these conditions.

Plateaued performance is a common frustration for athletes and other performers of all levels. A typical response is to “train harder”. However, more physical training under some circumstances might reduce performance. At this point, training via Visual Reps might be exactly what’s needed. It’s estimated up to 80% of learning is visual, and those who use our visual tools will most surely outperform those who rely only on physical-based practice. VISYN will help you get to the next level.

You could be or sick or injured and can’t or shouldn’t practice. Maybe you are concerned about injury such as from a concussion, overuse, etc. Now with Visual Reps you can keep training.

It can be difficult to find a good coach, close by, and then match your schedule with the coach’s schedule. The same can be said for facilities. Now you have unlimited training on your own, anywhere and anytime.

Modern society suffers from a time deficiency, and athletes and other performers are no exception. Many people don’t have enough time to practice more. They don’t have the time to line up a coach or go to and take a lesson. They don’t have time to figure out the complexities of a new skill. Training programs need to fit into changing schedules and time commitments. Training needs to be available to the learner with minimal constraints. Time is limited. The ideal format is training that’s short, fun, and impactful. VISYN has developed a new, less time consuming, and more productive way to train. Now you have unlimited training on your own, anywhere and anytime.

The best coaching resources are available only to affluent audiences. But talented and yet economically limited athletes and other performers could benefit from a more affordable training model, one that takes advantage of economies of scale. We provide an economical supplement to traditional coaching through low-cost monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Learning close to bedtime is great for memory consolidation, but physical practice may delay sleep due to your system getting jacked up. Now you can get some training right before sleep and optimize your memory consolidation.

Even experienced coaches may make the mistake of teaching too much in a complicated manner. And some skills are just inherently complex and so are difficult to teach and learn. Confidence is gained when concepts are broken down to their most simple components, explained visually, and then transmitted in a way that makes understanding effortless. VISYN’s proprietary visual designs make learning easy, allowing you to Experience Performance™.

It’s hard to know whether what you are watching or being taught is actually the best form. VISYN has taken a data-driven approach by drawing from the motion of elite performers to ensure you’re watching correct form with cues for what’s most important to learn.

Visual Reps provide a training effect on their own, so you get a head start on your physical practice by establishing and strengthening neural pathways. Visual Reps also provide a superior cognitive model so that when you physically practice you have a better roadmap. And, special purpose Visual Reps in Practice Primer NeuroStreams provide a priming effect immediately before and during physical practice to increase its effectiveness.

Visual Reps Are A Must Have For Your Training Toolbox

Add Visual Reps To Physical Reps For The Fastest Way To Increase Performance™


A diverse team of professionals have come together to produce a revolutionary new type of training. Our team includes neuroscientists from the University of Minnesota and other top universities, engineers, athletic skills instructors, coaches, professional and other elite athletes, motion capture and biomechanical analysts, producers, directors, cinematographers, animators, editors, musicians and sound designers, voiceover performers, software architects and developers, testers, and much more. The University of Minnesota is a World Leader in Sensory Science and Medicine.

VISYN science advisory board members are international experts in movement neuroscience, from the United States, Germany, India, and South Korea.

Our engineering team also spans the world, throughout the United States to numerous European countries and Asia.

Grab short bursts of learning with 1OO Visual Reps in minutes

There are endless possibilities: waiting in a line, at an event, on a bus or plane, at a restaurant, at home or at work on break, when no coach or facility is available, in bed sick, on a couch injured, at bedtime, immediately before or during physical practice, etc.

“When I saw VISYN it changed the whole idea of what I had for the potential of what hockey training could be.”

”If visual in your mind, you can execute that physically on a much higher level.”

-Kris Swarthout

Hockey Coach, Player and Dad, Elite Triathlon Coach, 6X Ironman Finisher, Owner Final K Sporting Services, Author

“It WAY exceeded my expectations in video content, with so many different little pieces to it. This is advanced, coaches are just starting to talk about this, and you are doing it here.”

-Colin B.

College Hockey Player

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