The Unappreciated Weapon of the Best of the Best

We see the best of the best (pros and olympic-level athletes) using mental imagery as part of their preparation process. 

We’ve also seen stories and studies around how people have used mental imagery in place of physical practice, with this leading to almost the same rate of improvement as if they had physically practiced.

For most people in the normal course of their life, this effect is almost inaccessible. Most of us, and in particular youth athletes, have not made the firm commitment to themselves to take a professional approach to their sports development. They may be a “Driven Athlete”, but as a kid, this is not the same thing as committing to a pro-athlete lifestyle (nor should it be). Without that commitment, a consistent cognitive-control-demanding mental imagery routine is not a realistic aim. 

And even if it was, there is a lack of knowledge of what to imagine and how to sequence the focus of attention for maximum effect. This sequencing, when thoughtfully organized, can build an understanding of the detailed structure of a technique. This is a large advantage when one is in a skill acquisition phase (ascending youth athlete or novice weekend warrior adult).

But what if it was made easy for youth athletes to leverage this benefit? This represents a huge opportunity to accelerate the skill acquisition phase, and as part of that, to defend against the risk of descent into bad habits for the masses of youth athletes.

With VISYN, this is solved and this opportunity is truly available. Now driven athletes can benefit from this tool of the pros in an affordable and easy-to-use way. Adding the power of mental imagery is simple with VISYN and users are guided every step of the way. Anxiety over, “am I doing this right?” is eliminated. VISYN is proven with performance studies demonstrating that youth athletes accelerate their improvement when using VISYN compared to “the usual routine”. Break the barriers that limit the value of physical practice alone!